Welcome to Bury Tuition Centre’s Blog

What a fantastic reaction we have had to the exciting changes at Bury Tuition Centre!


 I am Shazia Tahir and I am the owner and Principal Teacher at Bury Tuition Centre in Bury, Lancashire. I am a qualified teacher and together with my other tutors (also fully qualified and experienced teachers) we have had the most amazing year.  Our students have worked so hard and every student has made fantastic progress.  We are delighted that we still maintain a 100% success record in entry to Bury Grammar School in the local entrance exams and we are feeling very positive about the success of our GCSE students in English, Maths and Science.

Why I Decided to Start Blogging

Although we already have a website at http://www.burytuition.co.uk I wanted also to be able to post articles about exciting news and initiatives that are happening at our centre but also write articles that will be useful to parents in the Bury area about local education and events in the Bury area.  I have so many ideas and I have also lined up some guest bloggers to share their knowledge with the Bury community. You can subscribe to our blogs by email and receive notifications for all future posts by clicking on the link on the right hand side of our site.

Supporting the Bury Community

I was born and educated in Bury. I teach in Bury and this is where I choose to live and raise my family.  I would be interested in hearing from local Bury people who would like to be a guest blogger on our site. Obviously, our target demographic is parents within the Bury area so we would love to hear about local school fetes/open days, local charity events, success stories in the Bury community and any way we can help promote the community of Bury.  Please contact me on 0161 797 7707 if you would like to contribute an article and of course, I will be pleased to return the favour.